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LIKEtoBIKE 16 with "V' Brakes and 2 speed Automatix hub by SRAM

LIKEtoBIKE 16 with "V' Brakes and 2 speed Automatix hub by SRAM

Weight:  19 Pounds  (8.7 Kilos)

5 Available colors: Metallic Green, Red, Metallic white, metallic powder pink, and all black 

Technical specifications:   

Frame and fork: 7005 Aluminium (aircraft grade). 

Rear: SRAM Fulliautomatix Hub, 2-speed automatic hub with freewheel and V-Brake. The SRAM Fulliautomatix 2-speed hub does not need a switch, it  automatically switches to 2nd gear at about 8 MPH. If  the pressure on the pedal is light, it switches back to the 1st gear. Gear deployment: 1st gear: 198 cm 2nd gear: 270 cm Switching time: at about 12 km / h on the Fulliautomatix to 2nd gear      Stainless steel spokes, aluminum alloy rim 

Front: rim and hub made of aluminum, stainless steel spokes 

Tires: Schwalbe BIG APPLE, 16 " 

Stem and handlebar: 

"A" headset: aluminum 

Grips: Children grips (Velo) 

Seatpost: aluminum 

Saddle: child-friendly saddle (Velo) 

Brakes: front and rear V-brakes 

Brake handles: adjustable, child-friendly aluminum handles 

Bottom Bracket: Aluminium, axle 102 mm,    Chainring 32 T with chainguard 

 Bottom Bracket: Cartridge 

Standard accessories: Chain Runner, kickstand, bell,    front and rear reflector 

Optional Accessories: SKS fenders, Frog Strobelights 

 Dimensions: suitable for children from about 4 years with an Inside leg length of about 15.5" to 21.5" (40-55 cm) 

Weight: of bike:    19 Pounds (8.7 kg)

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